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We have built our investment sales team by providing superior client service. Our approach is completely customized and confidential, taking an investment banking approach, by maximizing opportunities for clients seeking income-producing properties in the office, industrial, retail and hotel sectors. Our knowledge of these asset classes makes them our specialty, as our team has built, owned and operated these types of properties.

Our professional staff is extremely skilled at sourcing potential acquisition opportunities, managing the ongoing negotiations and the due-diligence process, and ultimately closing a transaction at the best possible terms for our clients. We provide the most current and comprehensive data available on marketplace transactions, including information on investors, sellers, capitalization rates, refinance rates, and property-specific information. This data, coupled with the depth of our investor contacts, ensures quick, effective execution on any given assignment. As a result, our clients enjoy a tangible advantage in the market when competing to acquire a property, regardless of asset class.


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